Online reservation software for restaurants, no commissions

The ultimate online agenda for your restaurant!

The ultimate online agenda for your restaurant!

Restobooker, online reservation software for the simple management of your restaurant reservations … wherever you may be! Compatible with smartphone and tablet. The ultimate online agenda for your restaurant! Restobooker is a cloud-based agenda and commission-free reservation module for your own website. Restobooker helps you to centralise all your reservations and simplify their management.

You set your own restaurant layout and see which tables may be able to be added. You add reservations with just a few clicks, even if you are not at the restaurant. The Booking Planner always gives you a clear picture of the free and already reserved tables. For each shift you can make a handy print-out of the expected guests with any remarks.

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  • agenda user-friendly booking process
  • administratie less administration
  • communicatie no commission per booking
  • uren simple to use planning board

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